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Keywords Guide

Finding a Keyword’s Value


There are websites online that can help us determine keywords, but these aren’t really to be used as crutch in finding elemental keywords. There are some other things that can be done to see what keywords work to draw traffic to a website.

online keywordsTip 1: Search the keyword or terms in search engine yourself and see what comes up. There is always a number at the top of the search engine page that tells how many websites came up with that search. This will tell how many websites and competition are out there using these keywords. Another thing it will tell is how many advertisements are coming up. Believe it or not this is another important factor if there are many ads on the page at the top or side it says that this term is popular.

Tip 2: Test the website out, do a test with the website using keywords that have been determined to not only be relevant to the website but also user friendly. An important thing to remember when creating the website is to place a counter on it. The more visitors along with good pertinent keywords the better the page ranking.

Tip 3: If the website isn’t performing well after the trial period there is an option to buy a campaign from through Google adwords or Bing Adcenter. I What this does is help the website to gain traffic if it isn’t seen getting a desirable ranking in either search engine. Such a campaign can help to bring traffic to a designated page on the website.f a person likes they can buy a campaign from both but doing so would cost money and that is something that will need to be taken into consideration before utilizing.

Long Tail Keywords

So, from what was stated above we want the most popular keywords that are searched on average thousands of times a day. Not necessarily, it turns out these types of keywords can only garner only about 30% of the search activity per day or even month. The most desired target would be the 70% niche which is known as the long tail keywords. This type of keyword deals in unique words and phrases being used in the search engines. Tapping into the these could have a more long term draw to the website. So, how does someone go about drawing into the long tail keywords?

Websites to Utilize in Keyword research.

online promotion As stated above in order to find viable keywords that have lasting value and could fall under the category of long tail keyword we need to do our research. There are places online to go to find out more information and to gather vital statistics to find the information. Google for example has many research tools readily available for individuals to use. These include the following: Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool. Microsoft offers the Bing ads intelligence. Of the three the Google Adwords Planner Tool seems to be one of the most popular research tools to help harvest keywords that are SEO friendly. This one is actually great to use it not only helps an individual find some useful keywords but it also shows the volume of the amount of searches the keywords get. But as stated above no online tool should be used as a crutch. Google is helping to take some of the guesswork out of the challenge but nothing can beat doing more research into the keywords that are being suggested. Also keep in mind though that there are several sources online to research what kind of keywords can be used for a certain subject along with website. A good way to find them is ironically to go to a search engine online and put in the words keyword research.