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Explaining SEO for Business

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Understanding Keyword Usage

Knowing to use keywords is only part of the challenge. As stated above we now need to understand how to use keywords, along with phrases. This will include using thing such as using a title tag. This is the title of the article or blog that includes the keywords and tags used in that specific content. The title tag is also used within the body of the content usually it’s best to place within the first paragraph of the content but again make the content flow naturally while including a version of the title tag. From there keywords can be used a certain amount of times such as two to three along with other variation so of the overall title tag throughout content. Another place where the title tag or an essential keyword of the website is used in the url for the website. The url is also key to helping to create good placement in the search engine, by making relevant to the overall theme of the website in general to target the audience desired. There are issues though when it comes to urls and even domain names. That is that it’s first come first served. If someone else has already claimed that url and or domain name than it would be necessary to chose another variation, but never stray from the overall theme wanted.

More on Title Tags

seo tags Now that we have skim the surface on title tags let’s discuss them a little more since like keywords this is important to any website placement and in the process of SEO The first thing to remember about a title tag is that it should be between 65 to 75 characters in length. The only exception to this rule would be if there are many keyword that want to be expressed in the title tag, but keep in mind in doing so the title tag will be cut off in the search engine when content comes up. Place the important keyword as close to the beginning of the title tag as possible. Remember it’s the keywords and phrases that will go into the search engine. Make the title tag as descriptive to the key elements of the content in general. For example a good title tag for the subject discussed above is plain and simple Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms, straight to the point and within the right amount of characters. Also the type of title tag that would flow well when used in the first paragraph of the content. So, in short title tags need to be to the point and grab the attention of the potential reader bringing them over to the website.

What are Meta Tags

Here is another element that is used in in Search Engine Optimization something that is known as the meta tag. So where is the meta tags used in the content? Well actually nowhere. These can be keywords that are used in the content of the website along with the blogs themselves. When using blogging websites such as wordpress individuals are asked to put tags at the side of the content that define the overall theme. These words are called the tags. Go to other websites such as Amazon and you will also see tag words used in the body of product descriptions these are two examples of when we have seen meta tags being used by websites. Basically meta tags come when creating the website in general in the header parts of the website itself. In making the meta tags we arrive at some idea of what our meta tag keywords which will be used later in the website itself.

Meta Descriptions

The meta description is basically just that. It’s a short description of the website and it’s content. This is an element that is also used in search engines, although it has little or nothing to do with the page ranking. However, it does play a part in grabbing visitors to the website. A good meta description could grab a reader’s attention and spark their interest to visit to website.

Determining Keywords

website seoHere is the tricky part when it comes to SEO finding the keywords that will draw traffic. It’s not as simple as it may seem. Keywords can be the subject at hand as was discussed above but it can also other keywords as well. Why because there are some keywords that bring on more traffic than others. So, how does someone go about finding the keywords that draw the most traffic. Well, it comes down to good old fashion research. Remember that the keywords are based on what is being place in a search engine. There is data online that actually tracks what keywords bring in the most traffic than others do. Also, it might take some trial and error. Those who own an online store for example might find that certain keywords such as black working shoes bring more hits to the website than say using white tennis shoes as the keywords. This comes down to maybe supply and demand of the public in general. What is out there being searched by the overall demographic online at that moment. It goes without saying that some things are simple to figure out, no doubt during the 2016 Presidential election the keywords Donald Trump was huge and probably Hillary Clinton as well. Also, when there is a major recall of a product or a monumental tragedy again a major search engine keywords.